We bless you as you go. Have the courage, to flow and know. Have the will, to grow inside the show. Have the willing to be apart (separated colors of the rainbow), (part) of the sacred truth. I bless you, I bless the news, I bless the truth in all you do, to bring them love, to say the way of God's bliss in you.
Relative, The Perfection, the crystalline structure! But what is interesting, the six position is missing because it spirals. It's the most amazing photo I have ever seen. You know the original was a crop circle. I took it and colored the background and made stars, and you could really see the image better this way. Look at the colors of the space, the light is like a pearls, pinks and blue hues, the perfect physical structure.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ Your devoted servant White Buffalo Calf Woman

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Duality is Light and Dark, Not Separate But Together From the Start!

It was in the 2004 that I got connected by a Woman of "Inner Earth" - Emaryll

She connected me because she was pregnant with twins and I as a Mother of twins twice she believed should have enough experience. She said she knows me from former times where I was - like my Mother in this life - kind of midwife in that birth temple...

We befriended and chatted a lot "girl talk" - "woman talk" but she also supported the "Pyramid center", the pendant, and a few other things..her time was June...and we were looking forwards to it all...

It was the evening of the summer solstice when I heard her call...we walked together to "that temple" built kind of pyramid where we stepped up ... the steps were amethyst - violet lighted...

The steps up were to make the opening more lightly...and then we came into a room - oh wow - I'd wish we could get such rooms for birthing...soft light - it was all christal, but we always think crystal is hard.  This was smooth and soft...soft green - like the green in the rejuvenating elixir - soft shining light - like pink candle lights melting...

She could sit - lay - wander - whatever she wanted... and felt to do...We were the only ones there... and of course LOVE.  The air was fresh and relaxing...

Emaryll smiled...I smiled back and began to announce breath in breath out and so on her belly moved with the breath... and finally she sat on a bank with her back leaning on the smooth wall...and aaaaaha..of course the first one coming was a girl. Al Sha KA. Opening the way for her brother. El Sha KA. The balanced twins are born...they said:

"We both carry the same ...but we decided to be different gender but the same...to show that everyone of you is male and female - no duality "

The birth was as I always was told by my Mother...the birth was as I had it with the boys, no crying... no pain. The three "worked" together the only thing I did was giving some "commands" for breathing and then a sigh.

And I held the first and brought her onto the belly of the Mother and nearly immediately the second one came into my hands...and then both of them lay together...with the Mother...all the three in a golden shine...

This is so normal....a peaceful calm naturally, but still tears run down my cheeks for the love that is around...I do not know if you can feel this great love...I hope so and be surrounded by it...

I wish all the becoming mothers such a giving birth all the coming babies such a entering into this earthly body...

Solstice 2005 writes

Elder VeroniKA Holy Flight

Grandfather Veronika Holy Spirit Sails Across, 
Giving birth to twins girls and then twin boys looks like God wanted to teach you something. You see we are all called Twin Hearts, this is why we act like others. Twin children show us this really well. However, this doesn't mean their rainbow sacred colors are the same, as you know your own children. This is why even identical twins have different personalities, but similar behaviors. I am called Twin Deer Mother, because I Twin the Heart of Others, and this is how I know what they feel inside of them. We all have some ability to do this, we call a sixth sense as it blows in the wind.

The Soul is considered female from the darkness of heaven.  The Flesh is considered male from the lightness of earth.  However, we are both girls and boys, on each side also.  This offers us four sacred directions. For instance, your Soul is Male, Grandfather Light, and your Flesh is Female.  This is called balanced.  Some have female soul and female flesh or male soul and male fresh, then these people are off balance, or have a mission that directs them towards the behavior needed for their own evolution.  I also have the Soul Male, First Sun, and my Flesh is Female.  These are the manifestations of God, the Oneness of all creation.  

We come to do what is needed, as we agree to be here with others to communicate and speak stories of remembering.  Since our Souls are eternal, we know much, but our Flesh is young, and must learn to remember, this is evolution, and now in a time when so many are remembering, but confused, they will need those who can guide them homeward to ONENESS, the family of relatives.  Thank you Grandfather Light, about speaking the perfect part of birthing, and how luminous the whole experience can bee, the impossible flight.
your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, elder christal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter.

Fire Offers Purification

Singing in Song, the New Language We Have Known All Along

from    Twin Deer Mother
to    active-indigos@yahoogroups.com,
Warrior Training-Gathering crystal_indigo_children,

date    Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 6:51 PM
subject    Re: [active-indigos] White Buffalo Calf Woman replies

Millennium Yonibluestar (Magenta Warrior),

This is communication, and we will show you how it's done. We are both from heaven, Grandfather Holy Flight (Grand Sun) and Calf Woman (First Sun), as you are from Earth, the center the magenta person right at the horizon where all the colors do go "gee", it's like you are speaking baby talk when it comes to song and singing.  This is not easy when you have been away from heaven so very long.  I think this was just for you, my beloved Millennium, my shining light.  We were talking about the Rainbow Man, the person she is very fond of.

You do have the crystal overlay, and song is in your tongue, sow it and use it to communicate the heart, not the head, where you have lost your mind.  Stop being everyone else who goes by, start singing to them when they walk by, then you will not be left with their hate, and broadcasting their words instead.  When you are not Grace it is not you, and you always come home from others view, you need to realize that you need others too, to guide you and help you to remove the abuse.  only prayer and dance together will shed your pain, you need do it every single day, you cannot escape the dance you need, to bring heaven inside your heart again.

Love you, Twin Deer Mother

Grandfather Grand Sun speaks (Grandfather, Veronika Holy Spirit Sails Across aka Holy Flight),
ha yes
i know that HE is the rainbow man
but he does not know it yet

i always see the essence within a being
and forget about their dayly doing...

but there is potential in the relationship
as he yesterday told me something about the "goddess" he sees when he thinks of me

Child first Sun speaks (child, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother),
I agree, the tails have come to me, to show the yes, to sea,
he will learn to sea across the breeze when a billow will find thee,

this is because the Grand does know where life really begins,
we are the children down below who must take care of everything,

You are across the seas, you see where hearts can billow there,
where else across the seas, you see, but rainbows that's for sure.

a Goddess that's right, you are the greatest light from above to land your feet upon the light,
this is where we all do sail, across the rolling hills.

comment at the end...
Bellow the Sails along the Seas and we will catch them when they sneeze and they won't even know what hit their wings, because we are going home again, Sow happy!

On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Twin Deer Mother whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com wrote:

Millennium Yonibluestar,

Again, what are you communicating?  We all know this!  What does your heart want to say?

Here I will help you, your song for the day! 

There is majesty in the air and I am so mad because they don't care.  why don't they wake up inside, to see how great life is.  There is sun everywhere, but I don't want to stare, but they don't even know, which way I look out there.

What is the way of God, the perfect relative, my Sun.  And I will be with you, when you feel the breeze. And when will they come home, when will they be born, to the wonder of it all, when they finally fall.

The grandness of it all is in my heart and don't despair, for we will sing for you, and we will hold your hand, but I fear you won't learn.  I fear for your safety, and I will be here, to be with you in the air.  Now we are going home, and we are going to land, to the rolling hills upon, the heart of Mother's land. And we can come on in, when we learn how to sing.  And when our hearts lift up in the air, we will know that God is here.

Okay, this is communication of your heart, try doing this, and sing from the heart, not broadcasting what we know.  We all know about hate, and now we must learn about love.  Try teaching this to everyone, try being a true  (Second Sun), the kind that fills the air, the kind that's everywhere.

Remember you can ask for a song anytime!

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother

On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 9:49 AM, millennium wrote:

infinite IlluMa-nation --

Light-Song of Darkest Celestial Healing, Creation!
HER Divine Ocean, within Ocean, within Ocean,
within Ocean ...
m (Millennium Yonibluestar)

-- On Sun, 27/9/09, Sunflower flowerzmagick; wrote:

In fact I was not referring to the Demi-God to whom Mr. Gopal refers here, I was making a broader reference to "the darkness on the face of the deep" at the beginning of creation or the immutable power of creation the procreation forces of Ma. I was not making a monotheistic patriarchal reference to the bible.

On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 Twin Deer Mother  to Millennium 

Millennium yonibluestar,

You aren't learning to sing. Yet you continue to say I am learning. How would you know since you aren't singing to the world. This is communication our singing, as this is the old and new language.  Many don't know even what they sing just like you. I walked by some drummers and sang to them, they stopped drumming while I sang and when I finished they continued drumming, this was communication. Learn it my Brother.

And why aren't you doing prayer and ceremony and teaching this instead of speaking at others, broadcaster. 

I live with Gangsters on the streets, I know their hearts and it's not like you think.  They have many patterns of hate and they want to come home too. I trust them because they are warriors!  They may be the very ones who save your body, since you aren't learning what you need to know to be a WARRIOR.

All our relations, means oneness.  Not against them but for them. Just like prisoners in today's concentration camps full of black and native men and women.

Like I said, God's laws are Science! Start learning truth, not broadcasting hate! We are one, and we are all related, means there is not separation anymore, third phase of evolution here we come, heaven and earth.

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother

ps. Being a broadcaster is the job of Indigos, they are the great prophets not you, your job is to learn to be a warrior and stand your ground with love, not hate. Even Leonard Peltier who has crystal overlay is doing better than you. He meets with me once a week,  and when are you going to learn how to be a WARRIOR and teach your brothers and sisters. You need work with one at a time, not broadcast your hate! When are you going to set up appointments with me? Whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com

On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 9:58 AM, millennium wrote:
it is GOOD that you are learning to Sing,

Twin Deer Mother!
all our relations,

-- On Sun, 27/9/09, Twin Deer Mother wrote:

Not teaching prayer and ceremony for prayer,
you are not teaching anything.
Blessings are the only thing that will save the world.

That's it, for it's science, God's laws

Your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
ps, gangsters and government are part of us, and going against them won't serve anyone!

On Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 2:49 AM, millennium wrote:

  "The World-Lawyer/Bangster/Gangster Secret Government


Millennium Twain

Of the Violence in Pittsburgh!
Of the violence in the hospitals, Hollywoods, pentagons, capitols,
laboratories,schools, churches, newspapers, studios, factories, Castles, Villas, Chateaus, Manors, Estates, boardrooms!


Lucie ...
These are exactly the opposite images of what we need to Visualize the World in peace.

Millennium Twain
yes, these are the Murderous Institutions that we need to stop financing with our consumer violence, our entertainment-media violence, our silent violence ...

Fire Offers Purification

Heaven is Now!