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Relative, The Perfection, the crystalline structure! But what is interesting, the six position is missing because it spirals. It's the most amazing photo I have ever seen. You know the original was a crop circle. I took it and colored the background and made stars, and you could really see the image better this way. Look at the colors of the space, the light is like a pearls, pinks and blue hues, the perfect physical structure.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ Your devoted servant White Buffalo Calf Woman

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Power of Sea Salt

Aquarius to Study the Power of Sea Salt by Dauna Coulter

June 7, 2011: A new observatory is about to leave Earth to map a powerful compound of global importance: Common everyday sea salt.
Aquarius (spacecraft, 200px)
An artist's concept of Aquarius/ SAC-D in orbit. [more]
Researchers suspect that the salinity of Earth's oceans has far-reaching effects on climate, much as the salt levels within our bodies influence our own delicate internal balance. An international team of scientists from NASA and the Space Agency of Argentina, or CONAE, will investigate this possibility with the aid of a satellite named "Aquarius/SAC-D," scheduled to launch on June 9th.

"Based on decades of historical data gathered from ocean areas by ships and buoys, we know the salinity has changed over the last 40 years," says Aquarius principal investigator Gary Lagerloef. "This tells us there's something fundamental going on in the water cycle."

Salinity is increasing in some ocean regions, like the subtropical Atlantic, which means more fresh water is being lost through evaporation at the sea surface. But no one knows why this is happening; nor can anyone pinpoint why other areas are experiencing more rainfall and lower salinity. To solve these mysteries, scientists need a comprehensive look at global salinity.

Within a few months, Aquarius will collect as many sea surface salinity measurements as the entire 125-year historical record from ships and buoys.

NASA video explains the role of ocean salinity in Earth's water cycle.
"Salinity, along with temperature, governs the density of seawater," says Lagerloef. "The saltier the water, the denser it is, and density drives the currents that determine how the ocean moves heat around the planet. For example, the Gulf Stream carries heat to higher latitudes and moderates the climate. When these currents are diverted by density variations, weather patterns such as rainfall and temperature change."

Scientists have gathered an ensemble of measurements over the ocean--e.g., wind speed and direction, sea surface heights and temperatures, and rainfall. But these data do not provide a complete picture.

"We've been missing a key element – salinity," says Lagerloef. "A better understanding of ocean salinity will give us a clearer picture of how the sea is tied to the water cycle and help us improve the accuracy of models predicting future climate."
Aquarius (radiometer, 200px)
A pre-launch view of the Aquarius radiometer. [more]
Aquarius is one of the most sensitive microwave radiometers ever built, and the first NASA sensor to track ocean salinity from space.

"It can detect as little as 0.2 parts salt to 1,000 parts water -- about the same as a dash of salt in a gallon of water. A human couldn't taste such a low concentration of salt, yet Aquarius manages to detect it while orbiting 408 miles above the Earth."

The Aquarius radiometer gets some help from other instruments onboard the satellite. One of them helps sort out the distortions of the choppy sea. CONAE's Sandra Torrusio, principal investigator for the Argentine and other international instruments onboard, explains:

"One of our Argentine instruments is another microwave radiometer in a different frequency band that will measure sea surface winds, rainfall, sea ice, and any other 'noise' that could distort the Aquarius salinity measurement. We'll subtract all of that out and retrieve the target signal."

Torrusio is excited about the mission.

"I've met so many new people, not only from Argentina, but from the US and NASA! It's been a great experience to work with them and exchange ideas. We may come from different places, but we all talk the same language. And it isn't English – it's science."

Working together, these international "people of science" will tell us more about the ocean's role in our planet's balance – and in our own – no matter where we live.

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It's always our self we find in the sea. (e.e. cummings)"
Author: Dauna Coulter | Editor: Dr. Tony Phillips | Credit: Science@NASA
More Information
Aquarius/SAC-D: This multipurpose observatory continues the long-standing partnership between NASA and the Argentine Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales, or CONAE. NASA provided launch vehicles and science instruments, while CONAE contributes the spacecraft, mission operations, and science instruments for their national space program. The NASA Aquarius instrument to measure ocean salinity is the prime instrument on the Aquarius/SAC-D mission. JPL will manage the NASA Aquarius implementation through its commissioning phase and archive mission data. Goddard will manage Aquarius instrument operations and process science data. NASA's Launch Services Program at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida is managing the launch. CONAE is providing the SAC-D spacecraft, an optical camera, a thermal camera in collaboration with Canada, a microwave radiometer; sensors from various Argentine institutions and the mission operations center there. France and Italy are contributing instruments.
SAC stands for Satélite de Aplicaciones Científicas. This is "D" in this series of four science application satellites Argentina has built in collaboration with NASA.
A radiometer is essentially a sensitive radio receiver, which, in this case, detects natural microwave emissions given off by the ocean's surface. The Aquarius radiometer scans the sea surface to measure the emitted power in a certain frequency band (1400-1430 MHz) that is proportional to the water's salt content.
There are an average of 35 parts per thousand of salt in the ocean (this ratio varies from 32-37 in open ocean areas). That is, the ocean is 3 1/2 percent salt, and in 1 kilogram seawater there's about 35 grams of salt. Since salinity levels in the open ocean vary by only about five parts per thousand, the instrument must be very sensitive.  

Relatives of the World, 
When reading the article below, replace the word replace the word negative, black, devils, demons, ghost, dark and witch to impure. Because negative is heavenly and we do not want to remove our heaven or our soul, even from the impure or lost children.  Rainbow warriors of Prophecy embrace all impure to come home back to the pure of heart, through sacred blessings. We are Oneness and Heaven is colliding with Earth. This means, we are sharing space with heaven once again.  We are learning to share.  But what we call negative often refers to the impure beings, whether physical or spiritual. Also, the word witch means which way, the spiritual being (soul, female, blue road, heavenly) must decide the direction their feet travel.  Which means, from here, I stand to walk towards, the other realms (light, male, red road). Witch is a word used, for the woman, who is a representative of heavenly darkness or unseen world of angels (pure of heart) as well as the underworld of deception (impure of heart).  Both are negative, pure and impure.  We seek through blessings, the pureness of our beingness.

It's only through the power of love, that a witch (female, sound and darkness) strikes a pose (blesses) the which (way do I go, traveling and seeking along the road, male, light of rainbow colors ). The female part of us, is our soul (sound unseen). The male part of us is our flesh (lightness seen and darkness unseen or rainbow colors).  We are a soul (blue road of heaven) living inside the flesh (red road of earth), unity of both.  We want to be cleansed and thus, spiritual development cleanses the impure.  We, rainbow warriors of prophecy, recommend saying, "I bless the sacred nine directions" with fire (minimal 8 times a day) and water, throughout the day (every hour), every day. To learn more about daily spiritual development, please visit us at birthingofhope.blogspot.com to read and download the "Holy Week Day". Thank you.

Again, when reading the article below, replace the word negative, black, devil, demons, ghost, dark and witch to IMPURE, which is their intended meaning. Because negative is heavenly and we do not want to remove our heaven or our soul. In it's natural state, our soul is perfectly radiant and our devotional heaven within (relative). What we want is to remove the impureness that has attached itself upon us or within us.

We cleanse the impure to bring them back home to heaven, the water that has crystallized. We call this the Crystalline Stone River. Thus, the use of salt water, brings us back to our crystalline form, blessed and pure of heart.  And of course, the more you bless, the cleaner you get.  Just like when you use a shower or bath to clean your physical body.  We use the fire blessing "I bless the sacred nine directions" to cleanse the spiritual body.

We cleanse the pure of heart, to verify the heart can bow and bend like the rainbow, to know relatives again from the heavenly blue. We bless you, nine sacred directions of the blue, the heart of me and you.

Your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman,
elder crystal child, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter,
alightfromwithin.org, rainbow warriors of prophecy.

Salt water spiritual remedy by Spiritual Research Foundation

Table of contents

1. What is salt water remedy?

Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) affect people and cause distress to them through their subtle black energy. Black energy can create a variety of problems such as depression, unclear thinking or malfunction of an organ which lead to even further difficulties such as addiction, financial problems or chest pain respectively. 
Description of black energy
Ghosts transmit their black energy to the people that they target/ attack and create large stores of it in their bodies. It is difficult to get rid of this black energy except through a generalised spiritual remedy such as spiritual practice or a more specific one like the salt water remedy. 
The salt water remedy is a simple but powerful spiritual remedy to counteract the harmful unseen black energy and drain it out of our system. By doing so, we do not waste our spiritual practice in counteracting black energy. Instead it can be used to bring about our spiritual growth.

2. When should we use the salt water remedy?

Each one of us is affected by ghosts to varying degrees. As a result, we all have some degree of black energy in our bodies. Performing the salt water treatment on a daily basis helps to remove this black energy from our body.
Salt water treatment should especially be done when one experiences symptoms such as:
  • Lethargy
  • Reduction in promptness
  • Inability to think
  • Excessive thoughts especially when they are negative in nature
  • Anger or any other extreme emotion
  • Stress
  • Any form of physical illness
When we are experiencing any one of the above symptoms, we are in a weakened state physically, emotionally or spiritually. The ghosts attack us in this weakened state and infuse more black energy and play up the symptoms to an even greater extent.
The picture below is a subtle picture of a ghost causing depression in a person.

Possession by a ghost creating depression in a person

Also refer to - Why is there a protective border around the picture of the ghost?
Note: Every time we are in a weakened state (especially at a spiritual level), we leave ourselves open to attack, as it is in this state that ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) require the least amount of energy to affect us.

In cases of severe distress, the salt water remedy can be repeated 2-3 times in a day at 2-3 hour intervals for better results.

3. What is required for the salt water remedy?

  • A large sized bucket
  • Water filled in the bucket (up to 50%) to cover the ankles when the feet are immersed in the bucket
  • Rock salt
  • A towel
  • A foot mat
 4. How is the salt water remedy performed?

 4.1 Step by step instructions

  • Fill a bucket (upto 50%) with water so as to cover the ankles. Add 2 tablespoons of rock salt.
  • Pray to God sincerely and with faith to remove the black energy in you. Also pray specifically for destroying the black energy of the ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) affecting you. Prayer is an important ingredient which enhances the effectiveness of this remedy.
The remedy:
  • Sit upright with your feet immersed in the salt water. Keep a distance of at least 2-3 cms between the feet. This aids in the maximum discharge of black energy. If the feet touch each other, then there is obstacle to the discharge of black energy through the feet.
  • Keep the feet in the salt water for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • While the feet are immersed, chant the Name of God according to your religion.
On completion:
  • After the completion of the remedy give gratitude to God and pray for the creation of a protective sheath around you.
  • Then throw the salt water in the toilet and rinse the bucket with fresh water.
  • Chant the Name of God according to your religion for 2-3 minutes.

4.2 Video demonstrating the salt water remedy

Negative spiritual experience while making this video (link removed, url below)

5. What is the mechanism of action?

  1. The chanting and prayer cause the dislodgement and disintegration of the black energy particles generated in various parts of our being, by the ghost.
  2. The salt water (water with rock salt) itself has the property of being able to suck out the black energy.
  3. As the black energy is going out, it may be accompanied by symptoms like yawning, burping, numbness of legs, warmth in ears and eyes, etc. Sometimes there is a feeling of sliminess on the immersed feet. This is a sign of the black energy coming out. It has also been observed that sometimes after the salt water remedy, the water becomes blackish in colour or it acquires a foul smell or sometimes the water becomes warmer. This is due to contact with the black frequencies escaping from the body.

6. Examples of the benefit of the treatment

6.1 What actually happens in the subtle dimension during the salt water remedy?

When a person affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) did the salt water remedy, Madhura Bhosale, a seeker with advanced sixth sense (ESP link removed url below) ability perceived the following effects of the remedy on the ghost and its black energy.
The effects of salt water remedy

6.2 Subtle picture of black energy being removed

Salt water used as a spiritual rememdy
The above is a subtle picture of the effects of the salt water treatment on the black energy of a witch who was causing excessive sexual thoughts in a person.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Indigo is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the soul body, multi-colored each of us have. We can all fly, when we dream. The Indigo person is often a prophet and great teacher who lives with visions and conflict. Most of us do not live our lives like this. Indigo represents our Soul body. Crystal is the perfect six sided crystalline structure of the Physical Body, a powerful and loving being who gifts. The Crystal person is reader of the book of life, the sacred four directions, who speaks directly with God and interprets the absolute truth. Crystal represents our Physical body. Rainbow Clan is the sacred multi-colored auras. Embracing and attaining spiritual knowledge of the eternal ages, these are the skills we aspire towards in the dawning. We are the reflection of this kinsmenship as our blue oceans and sky which provide us with all that life offers in Unity!


  1. Hey, thanks for all this tips! I felt this way sometimes in my life and I tried anything having no success. right now, I´m in Argentina, staying in one of those apartments in Buenos Aires and I realized that a lot of people here are familiar with this spiritual matter. It is nice to see other people who understands you.

  2. I have met people in dreams that i spoke to asking them questions and them dreaming also, very strange and soo many unkown people trying or saying things to me, ...


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